About Us

This site has been developed through the collaborative efforts of Dr. Josef Bringas and Dr. Michael Hoen. Dr. Bringas is a 2003 recipient of the American Association of Endodontists Foundation Educator Grant and an Associate Professor at the Indiana University School of Dentistry. Dr. Hoen is the Director of the Advanced Education Program in Endodontics at the University of Detroit Mercy.

The developers are aware of the laudable and appropriate trend toward evidence based treatments in medicine and dentistry. This project is an attempt to provide the dental community an educational evidence tool to help justify historical and current endodontic treatment decisions. The site is a dynamic starting point and not intended to be all inclusive. The referenced materials have been chosen by cross-referencing multiple endodontic texts, program reading lists, and Pubmed topical searches. It is our intent to monthly update the site by including additional current and historically appropriate literature.

Comments and constructive criticism are welcomed at evidencebasedendo@hotmail.com.